At Lads & Lassies Community Preschool we offer the children the opportunity to be the natural explorers and scientists they were born to be. Our curriculum is inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia Italy and the Project Approach to early childhood education.

Incorporated  into each project and the overall curriculum are Ohio Early Learning Content Standards that address the development of the whole child. These standards are aligned with Ohio Kindergarten Curriculum and the 21st Century Learning Goals for Wyoming City Schools to help meet the current and future needs of each child. Curriculum emerges from the interests and ideas of the children.

Our staff includes: Stacy Akers, Director and Teacher 4/5’s; Cathy Walton, Teacher 4/5’s; Amanda Kontopos, Teacher  3/4’s; Katie Lawrence, Teacher 3/4’s; Kara Garrod, Teacher 3/4’s & Yoga; Lisa Sasson, Teacher Young 3’s, 3/4’s and Music; Laurie Ryan, Teacher Young 3’s; Kelli Domke, Studio Teacher;  and Jenny Whaley, Office Manager.