schedule & tuition

Class Schedule/Options

Young 3’s *                          per month     annual

3 days     (T W Th)                      $200            $1800

          AM 9:00-11:30am

*late start option for children who are not yet 3 years old


3 days     (T W Th)                      $180            $1620

4 days     (T W Th F)                   $230            $2070

AM 9:00-11:30am   PM 12:30-3:00pm


4 days + Friday lunch              $250            $2250

Tues-Thurs hours:

AM 9:00-11:30am   PM 12:30-3:00pm

Friday hours (lunch 11:30-12:30pm):

AM 9:00-12:30pm   PM 11:30-3:00pm

Lunch & Learn (5 programs)                          $ 75

   Children pack a lunch and enjoy a planned program (animal visit, author, etc.) from 11:30-12:30pm.

Enrichment Classes +

  • Ballet Classes (taught by Dena Morley of Beyond the Barre Dance School)
  • Musik Kids (taught by Wyoming Fine Arts Center)
  • Spanish (taught by Cincinnati Spanish Academy)

+These classes are offered on site for your convenience. Registration & scheduling will be handled by enrichment class providers.


Elements of our Daily Schedule

  • Greeting/Group TimeIMG_8529
  • Read Aloud/Writer’s Workshop
  • Art Studio Time
  • Discovery Time
  • Small Group/Project Work
  • Snack
  • Group Meeting
  • Large Motor
  • Music
  • Closing