why choose us?

100% of our families re-enrolled for this year. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our families and their children is the most important indicator of “success” for us.

*We have been a Wyoming Preschool for over 60 years.

*We maintain a low student to teacher ratio of 1:8

*We have a high level of teacher education and training (all classroom teachers and assistants are degreed and complete additional training hours annually in the area of Early Childhood Education).

*We use a  project-approach curriculum aligned with Ohio Kindergarten Curriculum and the 21st Century Learning Goals for Wyoming City Schools.

*Beautiful environments designed to connect to nature and home, inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia

*Reader/Writer Workshop format for literacy development

*Our curriculum emerges from the interests and ideas of the children. Children should be given the opportunity to follow their interests; skills can best be developed through a child-centered curriculum and environment.

*We believe children should be given opportunities to express what they are learning through art, music, language and play.