LLCP Curriculum Development

The LLCP Curriculum is designed around 7 main elements.

Projects- Project Work is the foundation of our curriculum. Project work creates authentic learning experiences through in-depth investigations. The topics for our investigations are taken directly from the interests of the students. Together students and teachers use a variety of resources including books, experts, site visits, and each other to research topics and share their findings. The direction of the project reflects the ongoing and emerging interests of the students. Woven into each project are the State of Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards which are aligned with Ohio’s Kindergarten Curriculum (see below).
Writer’s/Reader’s Workshop– Teachers at LLCP purposefully choose read aloud stories written by “mentor worthy” authors and help children investigate the craft of writing. Quality children’s literature provides the basis for lessons about writing skills. Time is given daily to share student writing. A list of monthly skills to focus on is used by teachers, posted and shared with parents. Our Writer’s Workshop curriculum is inspired by the teachings and writing of Matt Glover and Katie Wood Ray. Matt Glover’s children attended LLCP and he personally trained our staff in the use of Writers Workshop with young children.
Content Standards- A list of State Standards for each content area is used by teachers to provide a framework for lesson and environment planning. These Standards are woven into each of the other curriculum areas and ensure that our children are learning essential concepts and skills in the areas of math, language arts, social studies and science. These Preschool Standards are aligned with Ohio’s State Kindergarten Standards. This alignment creates preparedness and consistency for our students as they move through the educational system.
Environment- The environment is often referred to as “the third teacher.” Materials are chosen purposefully by the teachers to reflect the interests of the children, the natural world, home, and to promote skill development and exploration. Materials are added and removed in response to the interests and development of the children not the calendar or according to a “theme.”
Life Skills- At LLCP we focus on 7 life skills that we feel are particularly important to young children. These skills are researched based and were identified by Ellen Galinski in the book, Mind in the Making. A new skill is focused upon each month. Parents receive information about how to strengthen these skills at home and teachers create opportunities in the classroom for MITM skill development and strengthening at school. The skills include; focus and self-control, perspective taking, taking on challenges, communicating, making connections, engaged learning and critical thinking.
The Studio- The Studio is a laboratory for Project Work and creative expression. The Studio teacher facilitates and provokes the students as they work with a rich variety of materials. Visual graphic languages provide ways for young children who are not yet competent in conventional writing to express their understanding of the world. Much of what takes place in here would actually fall under the category of science and The Studio is often called “a laboratory for thinking.”
Large Motor- The LLCP Wellness Instructor purposefully plans daily large motor activities. A combination of organized activities (e.g. yoga, parachute play, obstacle course…) and free play (scooters, hoppy balls, climber, tricycles…) provide children with the optimum opportunity for healthy physical development. We also offer optional ballet classes taught by a Cincinnati Ballet Instructor and former professional ballet dancer.